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After a long period of absence, I usually start off with some sort of apology for not spending as much time around here as I usually do, but life sometimes gets in the way! This is just a quick update just to say that I am still around and plan on coming back properly in the new year. The last few months have sort of whizzed past and it's already coming to the end of 2017, which is absolutely crazy!

2016 has been a good and bad year for me. I've moved home and closer to family, gotten closer with friends and lost touch with others and my beautiful little Winry crossed the rainbow bridge, so all in all it's been a year of amazing highs and horrible lows. I know it's not the end of the year yet, but I know I'm going to be busy over the coming weeks so if I don't post anything now then I won't have time before the new year actually hits. I've also started a new job which, so far, seems pretty good. I've just finished the training period so will be going live today, so we'll see just how much of the training I can actually remember when I'm on my own.


Feeling - 
Sore. I don't know what's been wrong with me but I've had this awful pain in my stomach for a few days and I can't seem to shift it. I don't know if I've eaten something iffy or if I'm just sick. All I know is I want it to go away.

Watching - 
The Blacklist. I have powered through seasons 1-3 in the space of two weeks and I've caught up to the mid season break of season 4. I cannot wait for it to come back. I've also been watching Planet Earth II, like everyone else and loving it!

Listening - 
I reverted back to my teenage years and re-discovered a love for Enter Shikari. I hadn't listened to some of the newer stuff after having went off them for a long while, but then I listened to one of the newer albums and fell in love again. They're all I've been listening to for about a week now.

Thinking - 
If I don't get into this bath soon it's going to be cold and all the bubbles will have disappeared. I've written this post whilst my bath is next to me cooling down. That's dedication to an update!

Planning - 
I've been planning out my new years resolutions and bucket list ideas. Having a bullet journal really helps with this as seeing them all written down will help me actually stick to them. Bullet journalling has helped me so much recently so hopefully it can help me with planning my resolutions, too.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around in the mean time. I have a lot planned for 2017! ♡

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