a new fox friend

How amazing is this little bag? I was casually browsing around TK Maxx before starting work and spotted this little beauty hanging casually on a peg! I initially spotted how soft the leather looked and then my eyes went straight to the beautiful little gold fox logo. I had never seen the logo before, and given that I'm not one for designer stuff, I literally bought it purely for the cute fox. I'm clearly so taken with designer brands, aren't I?

I went home to google the brand and found the bag online here! The bag is called The Double Decker and made by Paul Costelloe, which I have never heard of. It's absolutely beautiful though, so I couldn't care who it's made by! It has two main compartments, which even though look pretty small, are actually quite a substantial size. I can fit everything I usually carry around with me without it being too much of a squeeze. Isn't it just beautiful? I suggest you pop by a TK Maxx and try and find out, you definitely won't regret it!

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  1. Ooooo pretty =]


  2. This is a beautiful bag Kirsty, I too would have picked this one up.
    Amy x

  3. Such a gorgeous bag! I'll have to look out for Paul Costelloe stuff next time I pop in to TK Maxx x


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