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I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It's without a doubt my favourite time of the year. Well, except for my birthday, but only because that's slap bang in the middle of summer! I just love everything about Christmas; having to wrap up in a million layers of clothing with about three pairs of socks, huge knitted scarves, cheesy Christmas jumpers, glasses steaming up the minute you step inside anywhere (so annoying), giant cups of tea that hurt to hold because your hands are so cold, free boobin' it to the shop, cause under all those layers, whose gonna notice?

I am so ready for Christmas this year, tree up at the beginning of December, Christmas jumpers pulled out of hibernation, eating all kinds of food at the Christmas markets - which should just be renamed "lets look at the Christmas stuff.. oh look.. chocolate crepes/donuts/waffles..". Seriously, all that food guys. I even took Craig ice skating at St Andrews square, after a few drinks in the middle of course, which didn't go too well. Given that I can already ice skate and have no experience teaching someone else to ice skate, it resulted in Craig skating like Bambi. He didn't fall over though, which was impressive, but there were a fair amount of times that he'd stumble and because he was clutching to my arm the whole time I thought we would both go down, but luckily we didn't!

This year I'll be going back to my mum's for dinner and such, Craig will be doing the same with his parents and then we're both coming back to the flat for boxing day off together. I'm so excited, this will be my first Christmas in Scotland with my family in six years! I honestly feel like a little kid. I still have a few presents to buy and wrap up for the under the tree, but I'll getting those this weekend hopefully. It's also my work night out this Saturday which I'm mega excited for, it should be a good laugh, and my manager was a good guy for not putting me on the open the next day, I don't start until 12!

How are your Christmas plans coming along? Everyone just as excited as me?

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  1. I haven't been ice skating in years! It's so much fun :)
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Kirsty!
    Amy | A Little Boat Sailing


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