things that have made me happy recently

   I've had two weeks off of work recently, which has been spent out at restaurants, drinking cocktails, lazing around in jammies and watching films with Craig. It has been perfectly blissful.

   I completed my Filofax Malden collection, pictured above. It took me around six months to find the pocket size in grey, every time I found one I was always outbid or someone else got it first, but I managed to find one on ebay about a week ago and jumped at the chance to be the highest bidder!

   Craig took me out for a few dates in the last few weeks, to Wagamama, TGI and such; for food and cocktails! It was good and I think we're getting into the habit of going out a bit more, we're not generally going-out people, so it's nice to be doing dates and things like that.

   I started watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood from the beginning again, for like the fourth time. I always forget how much I love that anime, and it just gets better and better each time I watch it again.

   I finished season three of American Horror Story, and started season four. I have to say, I'm a little bit taken with Even Peters (like everyone). I think it's developed into a full blown crush, it's pretty serious guys.

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