Is squoval even a word?

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Please excuse my ridiculously flat hair, but as the title says, I'm leaving the contacts in their container for a while. I'm kind of being forced to do this by the opticians. The main reason for this is that they were really damaging my eyes and causing scarring. I didn't know this until recently, but apparently the type of contacts I'd been using for the last five bloody years were wrong for my eyes and were stopping the oxygen getting to my eyes properly, therefore drying the skin out and causing it to scar. They also failed to tell me that I had astigmatism, which if you don't know, means that the front of my eyeballs aren't round and are more rugby ball shaped and so my contacts didn't even fit my eyes properly. I had been wearing them for five years and didn't even know they were damaging my eyes. So.. yeah, that was some interesting news.

When I went to get my eyes tested a few weeks ago they pretty much slapped me on the wrist for being so careless with my eyes and told me that I was under no circumstances to wear my contacts for at least two months to let my eyes heal before getting contacts that actually fit properly. They also told me that my prescription had changed dramatically and were shocked that my last opticians hadn't caught the change sooner. So when it came to getting glasses, they advised that although it might be a bit difficult to see in the new pair as my eyes had adjusted to the wrong prescription, it would be infinitely better to wear the correct type of lens and just struggle to get used to them for a week or two.

So, after being in the opticians for almost three hours, getting my eyes tested by three different opticians as they wanted to guarantee I was getting the correct lens, I finally got to choose my new glasses. Sort of. They told me that because my prescription was so high that it limits the type of frame I could choose. I was to choose a fairly big frame size, it had to be plastic and a certain width to support my soon to be massive lenses. I pretty much let the assistant pick them for me, as long as they were black and not completely square or round I didn't mind, I think I said I wanted them squoval. Is that a word? Sort of square but oval at the same time? I don't know, but she totally got what I meant.

It's now about a week and half later and I couldn't be happier with them. They got my prescription bang on, I love the frames and love the fact that I don't mind wearing glasses outside any more. (I don't really have a choice there though, but that's beside the point..) The glasses are French Connection and cost £120 for any of you glasses wearers who were interested. I actually didn't mind paying that considering they're something I physically rely on and have sitting slap bang in the middle of my face every day. The one thing that does slightly bother me is putting make up on. I can't see what I'm doing without my glasses on, but I can't put make up on with them obstructing my face. I haven't found a happy medium with them make up wise yet, but I'll get there. Not that I'm wearing much make up these days anyway, my skin is currently suffering from 'I think I'm still a teenager, let's bring out the prepubescent spots!' syndrome and it's causing havoc. Ew.

People keep telling me I suit my glasses, but after looking at the top picture and the gonk-expression-flat-hair-scenario, I'm not so sure. I'll let that one linger before I make any permanent glasses decisions. I'm off now to go for the quickest shower ever as Craig is pestering me to go out into town for a while. I just want a day off to do nothing, let me have that? Shoo, boy!

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