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lush haul
lush haul
lush haul
lush haul

I absolutely love Lush blog posts! In fact, I just love Lush all together. If I could visit the store every day I absolutely would, even if it's just to smell everything again. Yum! The other day while out shopping, Craig and I popped into the Lush store on Edinburgh's Princes Street for a little 'window shopping', which we both knew would turn into real spending money shopping, as it usually does. In my defence though, I never get buyers remorse when it comes to Lush. The products are all so reasonably priced, I buy in bulk so I don't go shopping there every other week and the stuff is amazing! So yeah, I have my reasons. *smiles slyly at the boyfriend*

I tend to always go for the same products first, to fill the cute little wicker basket. My two go to products are always a Sex Bomb bath bomb and a Brightside bubble bar. Both smell amazing and leave your skin feeling so smooth! If I can help it, I will always use a Brightside bubble bar when having a bath, the smell is so divine and it makes your bath a really bright orange colour too! One bar can let me have about three baths worth from it, so it's pretty good for the price.

Lush always do seasonal items and Prince Charming is part of their Valentines range. I bought this because I'm almost out of Snow Fairy, a shower gel part of their Christmas range that I wish they would carry on all year round! It smells kind of similar to Snow Fairy in fact, which is nice. If I had to pin the smell down to something it would be Turkish Delight. It smells a little weird in the bottle, but on the skin when it's all lathery and bubbly it smells delicious. A little goes a long way too!

Also part of their Valentines rage is a new lip scrub, The Kiss. It will never replace my love for the heavenly Mint Julips lip scrub, but it's a close second. It even has hundreds and thousands mixed in, which you can see in the picture above that Craig has smushed his finger in to try it! It's pretty sweet tasting actually and quite sugary which I always like. Lonely heart bubble bar, pictured at the bottom has me pretty excited. Look at all that glitter! I had to take a separate photo to show just how much glitter comes off it when you hold it. My camera is now covered in glitter, which is a bit of a pain, but at least it will come off with a wet wipe. I cannot wait to use it, I might pair it up with a Brightside bubble bar, for the smell and the glitter combined.

After carefully packing away all the products, I'm going to enjoy a nice soak and catch up with The Walking Dead. Season 5 has restarted, finally! Let me know what you think of the Lush Valentines range. I also want to try the Unicorn Horn, it looks so pretty!

- - - products pictured - - -
sex bomb bath bomb // brightside bubble bar // dragons egg bath bomb // sakura bath bomb // prince charming shower gel // lonely heart bubble bar // the kiss lip scrub // mint julips lip scrub // grease lightning // the godmother soap
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  1. Beautiful photos! I especially like the look of the heart bubble bar :)

    1. It looks so pretty, doesn't it? I can't wait to use it! xo

  2. your pretty photos alone make me want to try these products!! :) x

  3. Lush products are absolutely amazing, I love the bath bombs! <3

    I have a new Valentines Day outfit on my blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  4. Prince Charming sounds like it smells incredible! xo

  5. For my birthday last year my friend bought me Dragons Egg and I loved it! It's quite simple on the outside but it smells amazing and makes the water almost look like gold, it's so pretty.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  6. Sex bomb is always in my basket first! The candy mountain horn is beautiful :) Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx


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