hello again!

Hello again! I've been a little missing in action around here, haven't I? Whoops! I've just been quite busy with work and some new hobbies I've recently gotten back into. I had a few blog posts written but because I was writing them for the sake of it, they just seemed pretty crap, so I never actually posted them. I didn't want to force myself to blog just because I felt like I had to, you know? So, I thought I'd do a little instagram post and do a sort of 'What I've Been Doing' thing as an almost welcome back to blogging, as I'm thoroughly wanting to get back into it again.

1. Starting will a little selfie, like always! 2. I bought this cute ring from Accessorize, which is so lovely. 3. Waiting for my mum in the hospital two weeks ago, she was in there for ages.  4. Winry cuddling my hand little a little baby, what an adorable kitty! 5. A day off well spend with Lord of the Rings and some Rekorderlig. 6. A little walk along the canal and looking at all the boats. 7. My new Kikki.K planner in mint is gorgeous. 8. A new skirt that is now a firm favourite for the hot weather. The pattern on it is lovely, especially the elephants!

The past month has sort of been a blur of days at work, spending time outside in the sun and days off in the flat mulling around playing with the cat. I haven't really done anything that interesting to write home about. Just the usual sort of stuff.
- #boring

However, I have recently gotten back into the huge world of stationery! I used to be obsessed with stationery when I was younger, choosing a new diary or set of pens over new clothes any day. I can remember I had this massive pink box that was bursting with loads of art supplies, notebooks and pens that were display only. I never let myself or anyone else use them, which was crazy as I humphed this thing around everywhere! I thought once I used them that they didn't look as nice any more and therefore weren't work keeping. I don't know why my parents let me be that weird.

Over the years I gradually grew out of it and eventually all my stationery disappeared, was thrown out or given to charity. So last month I was casually browsing through instagram and seen a picture of a Filofax planner on the popular page that was decorated with washi tape and used to keep a track of work hours, meal plans and other bits and bobs. The planner looked so cool, so I clicked into some of the hashtags in the comments and discovered just how large the Filofax love went. So many people with planners/Filofax's sharing tips, chatting and becoming pen pals. It was awesome. I knew I wanted to get involved, so I headed down to my nearest WHSmith's and bought myself a Filofax, which ain't cheap btw! I thought this is going to be an expensive hobby to start up again, but I couldn't help myself, I was hooked. Ever since then, I've been buying pens, washi tape, post its, pencil cases, anything stationery, left right and centre. I honestly love it though! It's generally a really great hobby and has helped me get my arty side back too.

For anyone that's interested, the planners that I'm using is the Kikki.K Mint Time Planner in A5 and the Filofax Finsbury Raspberry in personal. The Kikki.K planner came from Australia and cost me about £100 including shipping, which sounds crazy, but it's the nicest thing I've ever bought I think. The Finsbury cost me about £35, as I had a couple of vouchers for WHSmith at the time. They're usually around £50. I've also put a picture below of some of the things I've been buying to use with the planners. How cute is the panda pencil case and highlighters? 

This post has jumped around a little, so I'm going to leave it here and go back to playing with the cat for a little bit. If anyone on here is into crafty stuff like this or Filofax's, let me know as I'd love to chat, or follow me on instagram @hellozeldaloves. (specifically for the planners)!!


  1. Welcome back lovely! <3
    Nice to see your posts again
    love victoriajanex

  2. It's really lovely to see you back! You've just reminded me that I need some new highlighters so that justifies a trip to paperchase I think hehe

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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